mayseek life


Friday, December 31, 2010

it was a very good year...

as 2010 dissolves and the new year approaches i reflect on the many joyful moments that have occurred, i am happy to be alive.

january 2010..... took nate to see cloudgate dancers for his 23rd bday( we last went 10 years ago for his 13th bday!)

set intention for business dream combining travel, and gathering treasures to sell.
returned to the splendor of st marteen ( as beautiful as i remembered in 1983!)

spent spring moments in the northwoods

lovely bday at japonais

helped nate to get his condo in the west loop.

maya graduates hphs

summer at yuendumu art center

sydney family

mom/daughter bonding(tattoo's all around)

monthly foodie opportunities

yo yo ma concert

counting crows/ augustana

poi dog pondering

maya starts uw madison (go badgers)

my hours alone on burnham lake

grand canyon and sedona trip

laughing with my mom

new york trip( no more takashimaya!)

hearing poet naomi shihab nye

brings us back to winter in the northwoods

i look forward to the possibilities in 2011!