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Thursday, March 04, 2010

waiting to thaw

today, thankfully , the sun is out. it does lift my spirits, and lifting is what they needed. i'm unsure why i am feeling so frozen- so many dreams recently and i'm just seeming to get charged up- then comes the stall.... so with some deep breaths, i'll focus on what's going right and all that i'm grateful for- i'm tired of thinking i'm not enough and having a "what's the use?" attitude. i do realize that i haven't taken the time to simply look around and behold the amazing reality of life and the creative expression that time in the studio gives me is missing. yesterday was the first time in awhile that i swung by the beach (maybe there's reason to feel frozen) and got in touch with joy. sometime is can be so easy.
ps. life really is like a roller coaster- up, down, up, down, up........(i am glad the ride is still going)


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