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Thursday, December 31, 2009

last sunset of 2009

i enjoyed the time spent gathering the highlights of the past year. i got to re-live the experiences in a way, colored by time and enhanced by memory. also helps in looking forward to 2010, and focus in on what it is i'd like to do more  of....

peak moments included:
trips to-
*india- i can never be the same
*new york(tickertape parade for the yankees and nogucci museum)
*pink martini
*jojn legend
*elvis costello
*leonard cohen
nate's graduation from iu
contact lenses-
i now can see without glasses again!
time spent up north at burnham lake-
time in the woods and caneoing refreshes my spirit
30th anniversary-
where did the time go?
add some great restaurants, plays, women's group, goji bars, and new love- salted carmel cupcakes and my life is pretty damn good!