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Saturday, October 11, 2008

working with the "block"

accepting that what's going on could simply be a form of "writer's block" - it has been painful lately feeling something is "wrong " with me.... feels better and i remember the miracle of possibilities when i realize i can simply do my best to continue to "just do it". sure isn't the first time and may not be the last. approaching my work table has been overwhelming- just today, i will try and stay with the 'block" and be ok with it! will even continue the creative exercises suggested.


At 1:46 AM, Blogger Wenda said...

The "being ok with it" is the challenging part for me. I'm so quick to dismiss myself as a writer and to write off all the writing I've done when I'm not adding anything meaningful (or anything at all to my body of work.

Tomorrow night I'm dining with writing friends and going to listen to Sharon Olds talk and read her poetry at the Writers' Fest; I intend to let myself be inspired.

Good to see you back here. I've been missing you.


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