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Friday, June 27, 2008

phot friday- religion

saw matisyahu ( with opening act-my fav- the wailers) who is an orthodox jew that performs reggae/hip hop/beatbox music- and couldn't help but contemplate the many ways one can express their religious feelings. very interesting. so many young men in this particular community seemed to use the music as a connection with culture and religion and identify with the broader popular culture.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

why i'm glad i carry my camera....

as i upload some pictures from the last few days- i am thankful for the camera that rattles around the bottom of my purse. it gets quite a workout. as we drove into city to see nate i was taken with the beauty of the sky -both, bright clouds and dark intense storm clouds held the same space.... a lot like nate himself.
i found myself waiting for maya, while she tried on clothes as she gets ready to leave for a month in italy. this is a familiar vantage point- i watch her try on life, hoping for the best. patience is my mantra. (when i remember).

today i took rosie out for lunch. it has been almost a year since she has moved from her house into assisted living arrangements. she seems to be settling in and viewing this as "just the way it is". i am continuing to learn from her. i honor her 97 years of living.

Friday, June 20, 2008

another summer begins

this was the day, 13 years ago -when i hit my bottom. i got sober on the first day of summer in 1995. i realize in general i see things differently now and i am grateful for the shift in my life. not for a moment do i take this for granted. there are still many days when my experiences are so confusing and uncomfortable that i have to work hard at not taking what was a familiar path of action and have a drink to ease(or enhance) the sensation of life.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

i see the moon...

at the end of the day- it seems like each day is going sooooo fast. when i'm lucky, i spot the sights that slow me down and help me just be.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

feast for the senses

life is truly full of incredible sensations (both delightful and painful) i am basking in a few of the delightful ones of the last two weeks. a long weekend in toronto was an opportunity to eat a strawberry snow globe at the four seasons hotel...........

the gardiner museum devoted to ceramic art was fantastic................

the stores and fashionable window designs were spectacular.............

a return trip to see niagra falls, after 48 years was memorable..........
when i returned home, the joy continued with a concert by r e m. i took nate, and had a fun evening with my oldest son. he is curious, bright, funny and a life -loving young man. though he sure does have some issues to work on -just like the rest of us!

i love music and live concerts !!!!!!!!!!