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Monday, April 14, 2008

monday mantra

our actions follow our thoughts-

today my thoughts will be conscious and in a positive direction!

Monday, April 07, 2008

moody monday- shadowy

1. resembling a shadow in faintness, slightness, etc.: shadowy outlines. 2. unsubstantial, unreal, or illusory: shadowy preoccupations. 3. abounding in shadow; shady: a shadowy path. 4. enveloped in shadow. 5. casting a shadow
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Saturday, April 05, 2008

what i like most about blogging....

a nice thing about having this blog is the ease at "looking back" over time and maybe noticing things that are patterns or provide insight. this morning i went back to april of last year and interesting enough i seemed to be experiencing a similar blue phase- i could have written the same posts and simply changed the date/year! also similar is that i had taken a wonderful trip in march and then found april to be a crash ,slowly coming back to some sense of balance by my birthday in mid april...... while writing this, i just pulled up april 2006 and i am amazed to read 4/7/06 is a post labelled the blues!!!! same scene-early april struggling to to get on track by mid april. nice to know i have and do come out of the blue and find the rose color glasses - to value the differences is another reminder that it's all good.

another thing about blogging that is so great is- i get lost in the possibilities of information- i intend to answer one question and get led to unimaginable questions/thoughts , see visuals, read poets, feel emotions and am amazed by the connections. i read an old comment from last years birthday, by kate ,( whose blog i had forgotten though really enjoyed) and was surprised to see this post on moroccan mail as i went to catch up with her thoughts.... i like entering a door and never really knowing what is on the other side.

as if this wasn't enough, the most moving haiku of nancy. each one i read i send her a thank you. her imagery and life force are a gift.

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Friday, April 04, 2008

"far from home"- photo fri

the beauty of morocco- the high atlas mountains. the theme of photo fri is another opportunity to go through the 1080 images i took. it takes my mind off searching for the mysterious foul smell in the kitchen (which is getting worse, and not going away!), my childs anxiety and fear, and my own anxiety and fear. as in the past ,time is my friend and my "funk" does seem to be easing. trying to keep things simple- one breath at a time.
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