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Sunday, November 18, 2007


i sat down to to update and found myself reading the blogs of those i miss. time has been used and i can now just jot down afew words about being right in the middle of a month long visit with dear cousins from australia. things i am aware of are :
*how wonderful life is when deep connection is present
* mothering young children is incredibly challenging at times-i am amazed i was in the position of directing three children under five at one time. this is a word of honor to all the dedication it takes to parent. i forgot how many "whys?" there are to be answered in a day.

*i am excited(yet tired just thinking about it) that the boys are returning home for thanksgiving week and we will host the dinner for 23.(i should be cleaning or something right now!)
*i am grateful to be open to all the experiences of my family- both pleasurable and painful.

Saturday, November 10, 2007


slower to write than usual- mostly because the computer is in the room that my cousins are using while they visit. we will head up to the northwoods of wisconsin today, just a couple of days to breathe in slowly and watch the night sky.