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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

boys to men

sadly, nick has mono at southern il university...he left home with strep throat and has been under the weather since he got there. he was diagnosed last week he's been zapped of energy and even unable to ride his bike to class. hoping he could conserve energy and continue with school i drove his car down to him( 6 hours) and the health center issued special parking.
seeing him without energy and in distress is very difficult. i was just getting used to him living away from home, and now i just want him home to take care of him! since i stayed at a hotel in order to get things done for him on monday, he stayed with me and i got to nurture him and he spent the night in a comfy bed with some peace and quiet.

i shopped for soups, snacks, vitamins, tea and other neccessities -he then drove me to the train station for the long ride home. my heart was aching as i left my "young man son" . i was moved by the couple of hugs he gave me as we parted... they were deep and communicated his appreciation and the courage to try and take care of himself.

amtrak brings me back ....

Thursday, September 20, 2007

falls approach

as i drove a few blocks from my home today, i noticed the air becoming thicker-almost smokey. i noticed fog rolling in as i got closer to the lake. it was so distinct of a seperation over the town that i was drawn to go to the lakefront and take a look...... as i drove down the winding road to the beach i was met by a thick fog and a noticable temperature drop. i was grateful for the experience and happy i took the "scenic route". there were a few people fishing that i could barely make out until i was very close.

on the return home an hour or so later the sun was strong and the green of late summer was intense with yellowing tips on the trees. this was a good reminder for me (today i especially need it) to be observant of the earth , it makes my life rich when i am aware of it's brilliance.

Monday, September 17, 2007

moody monday-"sugary"

2. sweet; excessively sweet.
sprinlkes on ice cream and cheek. this sweety, emerald- will be visiting from australia for the month of november. i am so excited. my darling cousin nicole (her mother) is arriving with both daughters. i will get to meet little "cosima eileen" who was born on june 17th( my son nick's birthday-how fitting as he was named in nicoles honor).

Friday, September 07, 2007

photo friday- "purple"

as i push through my angst while preparing for my first outdoor art show...i am reminded that there is great pleasure in ordinary sightings. whatever occurs will be incredible because that's just the way life is...... i think i'm ready. the show is the lakeview fine art festival
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