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Thursday, July 26, 2007

life, 5 hours north....

after a week in wisconsin's northwoods i am trying to schedule the next trip back....timing , playing tricks as it can, finds me longing to return to our cabin- and the kids crying that i can't force them to go!! in my family of five, i alone enjoy spending hours adrift in my canoe, or sitting in the woods just listening to the sounds. that's just the way it is....... oh well, i have learned to take care of myself (mostly) and seldom mind being alone. the small town of minocqua(as most of the lake towns) have a water ski club called the "minocqua-bats" and show time is sunday, monday, weds evenings. a coffee shop serving cappuccino and a french bakery in town provide a touch of home. the town offers a nice compliment to the quiet of the woods.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

everythings a little off....

unloaded a kiln this morning, and every shelf had a blown out piece of work on it!! i don't generally rush my claywork to dry and rarely have this problem. unfortunately i did this time -and i had so much completed in this started the day. from then on most of my experiences had a kick that wasn't easy to take - conversations weren't easy and tended to be conflictual and emotions were confusing and often intense. i did know that each moment offered me many ways of reacting, and i'm happy to say almost half the time i streched beyond the knee-jerk response and used some patience or grace to respond in a peaceful manner. i'm still working on the other half reactions . ( i am grateful for the most incredible clouds and skyscape- how could i not be peaceful when i had the good sense to gaze outside?)

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

long overdue -heading up to the lake

spc-water, summers glorious element
burnham lake is such a peaceful spot- a small, no wake(no motors) lake in the northwoods of wisconsin. we have a small cabin there and this season haven't seen it yet! timing is such that with the kids so independent- i can no longer herd them in my planned direction. so, next week there is a lull in the activity-maybe the boys can get a couple of days off work- i know i'm taking the dog and who ever is willing/able and heading north.....countdown.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

4th of july-2007

nick and i did a quick overnight in new york and finally got to see spring awakening.....i am in heaven!! i got these great tickets for my birthday back in april and have been waiting for this event. nick, having just graduated highschool, is living through the topics/issues around which the play revolves.(though i must admit, i'm still living through a few of the issues myself) i especially love the music and the energy of the choreography. if you have a chance see this play!

i am glad to have spent some time with my boy- before he leaves home to start college. it seems like yesterday i went through this "letting go" of nate..... but i still have a month of him at home. we got home in time to see the fireworks. a fitting way to end a spectacular time.