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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

fortune says,"you will live a long life"

i sat across from rosie, in a restaurant in china town the other day, and when i saw this picture (i am in the mirror to her left) i realized that i am observing her and seeing myself ! i am able to learn about the possibilities of how life changes - and the fears , events, and emotional intensities that can arise. at 96 years old, in the process of moving from her home of 40 years- life is stressing her, and she is overwhelmed often. i have mentioned rosie before and i am lucky enough to provide her with some company when she needs it. it is getting harder to witness her fear without wishing it where different. we started out for a drive downtown to see millenium park in chicago and the conversation bounced from from how incredible the changes to the city are, to how awful change is...... she repeated, " oh my, look at all the changes- i hate change!" then she'd add, "oh well...." this went on the entire afternoon. at one point she suggested we go have lunch in china town, she brightened up at the end and instructed me to read our fortune cookies wisdom. her's read, "you have had many great accomplishments." amen!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

rocky mountain high

i spent the last the last five days in vail colorado at a friends 60th birthday party. she gifted 30 of her freinds and sisters with this trip! her generous nature and open heart is overwhelming to me. we hiked, white-water rafted, dined out, had spa time, and saw the wailers(as in bob marley) at an outdoor concert. i am just coming down from this dream like state (my kids are seeing to it that i remember what life usually is like!). when things couldn't seem to get better my friend who is a wonderful painter had us choose a painting of hers ...another gift for the party goers!!

Thursday, June 14, 2007


i am lucky to live near ravinia festival and last night i saw philip glass (an all time favorite) and his new production of leonard cohen's book of longing. there was a discussion prior to the performance and he spoke of finding the "rhythm of the language".

"where i go when i go there"....... is a line from spring awakening (i am going in july to see this play!) and it indicates the specialness of the zone that some things help take me to. it was incredible.....pure glass!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

holding on to a moment

i spent a short time lying on my bed this afternoon- i experienced a moment that is staying with me and still bringing a smile to my face. first, the weather today is perfect, sunny, mild and the air is gently moving- helping to carry the sounds of summer. it was late afternoon, nick had friends in the yard and they were barbequing, the cicadas were humming, the young neighbor children were laughing next door...the breeze brought all the sounds to me....i closed my eyes and saw incredible rasberry colored shapes in my minds eye.... the focus of my mind played amongst the sounds and images and sensations- my heart was full and i was overcome with joy.

Friday, June 08, 2007 friday

" purity"... containing nothing that does not properly belong .

Sunday, June 03, 2007

poppy time

i enjoy the short time of the bloom, the vibrant graceful flower is the second to arrive. first came the lilacs. they too, seem to be fleeting. next will be the peonies, whose tight buds are just now loosening.

i am breathing in the joy of these beauties....