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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

brain whirling

feels like the teeter- totter is in motion. i am peaceful and in an accepting frame of mind one minute....then the experiences continue and the balance shifts over to the discontent and negative attitude. i love being a mother...i hate being a mother- life is good sucks- i'm lucky to have a car...damn car may have trasmission problems...on and on and on! and then i remember ( in one of the up moments) everything changes. the impermanace concept!! and i feel a true smile.
see more body parts at spc .

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

bright spots in the numbness

i have been holding on to the positive sensations that i am experiencing - actually grasping them when i am feeling disoriented, and the unpleasantness/discomfort of society or life takes over. last night, at the highschool was the bi-annual art night event. the last few months where spent contacting artists and inviting them to spend the evening with us and share their work and themselves. it was a lot of work to organize and plan the event- but it was a great evening. here is one of the reasons it was so great, artists like martin soto. what incredible energy he has, and such big heartedeness. keeps me inspired and positive on a day i find myself taking advil because i just want to "feel" better- and then realize advil can not help me feel different, and thats what i want.

Monday, April 16, 2007

seems like yesterday....

that was then, and this is now-

*sun bringing in the day
*calls from friends to remind me of the times that were precious
*cleaning some clutter and letting go...
*starting a physical plan of wellness
*meditating and journaling
*listening to music -lila downs, paulo conte and paul kelly!!

and it's only 12 noon, what a wonderful way to celebrate my birthday.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

coffee at the beach.....

had to drink my coffee in the car because the sleet/snow was a little too much for me this morning. lake michigan was whipped up and powerful ..the grayish blue-brown of the water was beautiful.

as i head home, i say a prayer for this driver and hope their day gets better. spring in the midwest will be appreciated when it arrives.

Monday, April 09, 2007

"this american life" on's great.

as a long time listener to "this american life" on public radio, i wondered how it would translate on tv. i am even more intrigued with the visual show! ira glass is a creative star. he can take the ordinary(and the not so ordinary) and turn out a piece that is contemplative, interesting ,and visually striking. now this is what tv should be! visit this american life to see some clips if you don't have cable.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

drawing on a spirited show...

today i am remembering the fantastic lila downs show at the metro in sydney

-listened to her music today (ordered this ) and was infused with happiness and the urge to dance! she's like that, a beauty with a strong voice and full of joy. it was just meant to be that i saw her "one night only" performance written about on my way to australia....and my sweet cousin got tickets and was up for the adventure. we both loved the show with it's high energy and wonderous sounds. later that week we got the movie "frieda "to spot lila's cameo . life is good. check lila in this you tube bit...

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

time passing...

i had my nails done in australia, and as i look at my hands today i get a good reminder that time is indeed passing. as someone whose hands are in clay a good deal of time, my nails are not a focus of mine. i could (and am) looking at this from two different perspectives- in a bluesy way -sad that i can't hold tight on to my recent trip and the joy it brought....and in a more grounded way- to know that as i remove this old polish and start again -the possibilities of new experiences are endless! so i suffer a short time while i grasp the past....and gently release my spirit into today.