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Thursday, March 29, 2007

beauty below me....

i am having some adjustment difficulties while i get back into my life as i know it-i am having trouble putting the knowledge of the laws of attraction into place. i have been stuck in the why can't my reality be different??? i know i am more happy when i am believing in the moment, and the choice i have to have reality reflect my desire. so for this day, i will continue to try and remember my power.....and deal with the "issues" in relationship, parenting and crafting my art!

Monday, March 26, 2007

photo friday-"sentimental"

at home this morning, i am grateful for the experience i have had in australia. spending time with my family, getting to share the daily life happenings- reconnecting and remembering the good-byes. my heart aches at the parting.... but as powerful is my joy. this shot of children in uniforms, on a lovely day, is so typical of the beauty of sydney harbor. the lessons of travel are still occurring- as packing taught me to question "what i really need to take"-unpacking is reminding me of " what i bring back" and where i place these items in my life. monday -a chance to begin again! (more to come on the highlights...)

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

packing...what if?

my pimped pic!
i've got my rose color glasses on, and i gave maya a small charm of rose colored glasses for her to hold on to while i'm gone. again i learned great lessons from packing for the trip (my cravings and facing fears that i might need things with me - help me realize i have what i need without the material items!) this month's self portrait challege should be fun (hate missing it for a couple of weeks). i enjoyed using the pikipimp photo program.

Friday, March 02, 2007

just an observation...

at lunch the other day, we noticed the little boy with hearphones and a laptop sitting next to us. we observed that he was involved in a program on the screen and was being fed by a woman intermittently, while the adults conversed. the adults would often look at the boy lovingly with smiles. turns out it was his birthday, and soon a cake came out and he blew out the candles. not once did the earphones come off, or the computer screen get put away. this child appeared to be about four years old. as a group of women, all mothers ourselves-something seemed disturbing about this reality. however, we ate, and laughed and continued with our lunch.

at another table was a younger little girl about two years old, playing with a few small toys (and as my friend pointed out-she was eating a crayon- behaving just like a child is supposed to!) we smiled, happy to know that kids are still be kids...then a moment later this family brought out their dvd player and got the child "plugged in" !!! ok i tried hard to record what i saw and not judge the bigger picture here, but i can't. i think what troubles me most is the habits being created at such a young age-as an addict myself - this is frightening to me. not to mention the isolation or disconnection.

5 days and counting...

been feeling preoccupied lately, i will be traveling to sydney next tuesday. i am grateful for the chance to spent some time with cousins who have brought to life the notion of the word family. i have never traveled alone to visit. it's exhilerating to anticipate time on my own (17 days!)and at the same time i am aprehensive to leave my family on their own (as though they can't get along without me...) so i have been loading up the ipod (18 hours of flying time) and gathering reading options(which i will have to pare down-the amount of books would require an additional seat) and trying to anticipate what they will need while i am gone. what i am also working on right now is staying grounded and breathing into the deep knowing that each moment holds all i am desiring.