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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Things that make me happy...... two at a time.

thanks to michelle, i would like to share things that make me happy.1) finding new books - my relationship with my husband has been a "classroom" of sorts where i have learned (many times the hard way) much about myself. in december it will be 27 years of marriage-add another of living together, and that's a lot of time in school!! i have felt at moments that i could endure no more-and at other times have felt overwhelmed with gratitude .....i have many(many) books that have helped to keep me focused on what " i " could do. i just read an interview with author Paul Dunion ( he s been a marriage counselor in private practice for 25 years. He's the author of the new book Shadow Marriage: A Descent Into Intimacy, which offers brilliant and reassuring insights for couples. Paul and his wife, Connie, lead weekend retreats that reframe marriage not as a quest for happiness but as the hero's journey, where "irreconcilable differences" are cause for adventure instead of divorce ) and look forward to reading this book. because this really is an adventure. 2) the possibility that barack obama may run for president! i am reading "the audacity of hope" and believe he is a leader i could back in these difficult times. hearing him open to the possibility of a run next year is encouraging.


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