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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

easily amused...

i sang along with the nirvana song -"i wish i were like you, easily amused..." and realized that i am easily amused! i think this may be one of the greatest blessings i have today. i saw this tree the other day and it has given me reason to smile often since i saw it. someone actually wound yarn to create this striped sensation. sights like this, rain falling on the skylights , color, texture , and on and on...... i don't think i was aware of this as a gift when i was younger. with this awareness now i find my blues lift before depression. just a thought before i head off to bed.

Monday, November 27, 2006

moody monday- "delighted"

i was delighted, watching this young girls delight, at being in the middle of this flock of pigeons. it was a simple moment dressed up in pink. check other delights at moody monday. actually i will head into my day trying to stay delighted while i ease back into work after the holiday laissez-faire attitude.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

giving thanks

in this early quiet moment i am feeling a deep sense of thankfulness...this image is an illustration of the many reasons i feel grateful. as i observed this mother washing her little girls hair in her market stall i was moved by the tenderness of her touch, the care and concern of her action. during this activity she made a sale -the girl waited -and she returned to the rinsing of her hair without skipping a beat. our ability to do things (simple dailey tasks) and feel the sensations of love is remarkable. this mothers ability to adjust to her circumstances is encouraging to me running water-no problem-fill a bucket...where there's a will there's a way. i hope to remember that today as i prepare dinner for a crowd (23 family members and all that can create) i will take my cue from this sight- use my hands to provide with care and love, stay in the moment not thinking of the past(did i mention the family crowd brings a little tension with it) or anticipating the future.....this moment i am full of appreciation for the treasures of love, sight, sensations, thoughts, and you.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

travel vision

  • acapulco, now when i say the word it brings a whole new world to mind. i had a wonderful experience on many different levels. like this picture looking out from the typical vw bug taxi, i can see things a little differently and i am grateful that being in another culture does affect my vision. when i travel i try to keep a small journal and a part of the plan is to keep a list at the end of each day with the memories that moved me(just a few or i'd never stop writing).
    saturday: *saw a heron (twice) on the ropes of an anchored the dark. *watched the cliff divers compete in their death defying sport until we tired and had fernando take our boat to sea.
    sunday: * saw hundreds of dolphins as our boat chased and played with large groups taking their young to eat *ate the most delicious mahi -mahi ever with a huge bowl of guacamole *bathed in the sun, swam in the ocean of warm salt water at a former presidents beach * saw a movie sitting in lounge chairs at the cinema. monday: * homemade tamales * walked to local markets * skinny dipping and laughter *watched twinkling white- gold and blue lights on the mountain across the bay. tuesday: * full day adventure to the silver capital of taxco * seeing the mexican country side *finding martha vargas jewelry * zoupas for dinner wed: *3rd trip to president lopez beach - and ate our fav tuna sandwich lunch(prepared by fernando and roberto)* sanbornes department store and exploring the other side of town thurs:* deep sea fishing on the first overcast day ** walking down flooded streets while shopping the markets * taking a late night bus to a silver shop on the last night * saw fireworks across the bay signaling the grand finale. friday: * parting is such sweet sorrow * airport purchases * lost immigration card process * transitioning back into the reality of home. I feel blessed, i filled my senses with new sights and took in the love that my "sisters" so freely give. adios mexico.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

tuesday before the friday i go to acapulco

the trip has been planned for a long while and it always seemed so far in the future- well, the future has arrived and we leave this friday. some time ago my woman's group (weekly empowerment circle) began to joke about spending time at one member's brothers home in acapulco. just the thought would have us dreaming of how incredible it would be. sometimes the stars align and things fall into place just like they where meant to be. i have never been to mexico and i am excited -actually the trip could have been anywhere - and we would have been delighted. we, as a group, can rarely schedule a movie or dinner together. in my usual manner i have been reading and spending time on travel boards to acquaint myself with possibilities....trying to remember that if all i do is lounge all week -that is perfect. today i have started to gather the items i think i'll need for the week in mexico. i finally bought an ipod and have been downloading music like crazy. i have room for 2000 songs -which i thought was a joke, but i could see that i can indeed fill that. who knows what important packing task i'll take on tomorrow.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

i am (inter)connected

i am fortunate to have connected with wonderful people each time i have gone to penland, arrowmont, or peter's valley craft schools. every time i have met a teacher or fellow student and experienced significant relationships. this photo is from penland 2004, where i met deborah,andi and miriam. what fun and memories. how wonderful that deborah (from minnesota) just passed through town last week and stopped by for a visit! i am also in a very special woman's group that came together to continue the self exploration from a intensive weekend experience. that has been going on for close to 10 years. my family, my friends, my cousins in australia and my bloggers friends also come to mind. what i realized from this prompt (thanks nancy- this is a great one) is that i need a local group to connect with related to my art...i am somewhat isolated on a day to day basis. i will look to change this! see more connections at studio friday.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Things that make me happy...... two at a time.

thanks to michelle, i would like to share things that make me happy.1) finding new books - my relationship with my husband has been a "classroom" of sorts where i have learned (many times the hard way) much about myself. in december it will be 27 years of marriage-add another of living together, and that's a lot of time in school!! i have felt at moments that i could endure no more-and at other times have felt overwhelmed with gratitude .....i have many(many) books that have helped to keep me focused on what " i " could do. i just read an interview with author Paul Dunion ( he s been a marriage counselor in private practice for 25 years. He's the author of the new book Shadow Marriage: A Descent Into Intimacy, which offers brilliant and reassuring insights for couples. Paul and his wife, Connie, lead weekend retreats that reframe marriage not as a quest for happiness but as the hero's journey, where "irreconcilable differences" are cause for adventure instead of divorce ) and look forward to reading this book. because this really is an adventure. 2) the possibility that barack obama may run for president! i am reading "the audacity of hope" and believe he is a leader i could back in these difficult times. hearing him open to the possibility of a run next year is encouraging.