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Monday, October 30, 2006

"my collections"

the idea from studio friday this week was to present our collections. here are four of the ones i really am fond of......1) i have collected rocks with holes that run through them for a long time-i gather rocks of all kinds but always am stopped by these. i read long ago that the holes are openings to the soul. this image is a piece i made that strings together these special rocks. 2) brand new interest- scarves by vera neuman - i saw a book of her designs and was blown away by the colors and shapes. i think i may even remember these back in the day. i began collecting them from ebay in summer and since they are affordable and i was bidding a little too easily, i am now concentrating on the paisley print. 3) enid collins purses from the 60's. love them! 4) buddha figures - i try to keep them unusual- ones that light up or are in a snow globe etc. actually, it was hard to stop at 4 collections, i am by nature an easily addicted person.

Friday, October 27, 2006

photo friday-"accidental"

taken in milan, fashion capital of italy. this may have been accidental.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

a new york state of mind....

i'm trying to switch into home routines- catch up paper pile moving ,too much laundry, same old same old. so taking a break, i catch up on reading my favorite blogs , and go through my new york memories of this past long weekend. i get filled with possibilities and am happy to say the people , weather, and experiences in general were outstanding! since four days fly by, i push hard to get a taste. what gets crazy is the amount of images i am taking- 167 digitals from friday through tues! these reminders are a testament to the sensual feast that is new york- i close my eyes and can revisit the washington square market, columbus circle, the statue of liberty, break dancers, central park fall colors, chandeliers at the met(saw madam butterfly), hells kitchen flea market, anish kapoors reflective sculpture in rockefeller plaza called sky mirror, the appolo on a harlem tour, parsons school of design(project runways very own) ice skaters at the plaza and the the beautiful cast iron buildings of soho...........other highlights included
takashimaya department store and gallery hopping in chelsea. i actually got to see work of the most incredible painter nancy bea miller and went looking to see my favorite painting and did fall in love with it.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

ode to fall

i've held off as long as i could- i had to post the fall colors before they are gone. what a wonder to behold as i went to pick up maya from a friends. i was glad i left a little too early, and got to stop and take in how these trees seemed lit up and glowing. so many lessons for me in the visual spark- change is constant, stop and smell the roses, loss can be endured. today i will pay the price for leaving home for a few days( fred has meetings in new york and i get to tag along). i'm exhausted as i think about how the day will look- clean, take the dog to the vet(always seems to be a problem before i go away) grocery shop, and try in general to anticipate every need the kids may have!! it is, however, worth the price.

Monday, October 16, 2006

moody monday-party!

moody monday- "Party"
i'm jumping around the house because tonight i have a ticket to see paul simon-1st row!!! there will be a party going on and my spirit is delighted!!! this definition "A group of people who have gathered to participate in an activity," is the one i'm going with.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

add sadness to the fear....

sad news -last night 2 students in this area were killed in a car crash. three other high school students in the same car are hospitalized. it's not official - but word is already out that they had been drinking. my son got a call this morning, as the word spread amongst the students of the local high schools. it puts the fears of yesterdays post in perspective for me...lessens the angst of my artist self. on the other hand, a fear, is a fear, is a fear.......and i feel i must act in faith- that i can hold this feeling of sadness, and fear of lifes uncertainty, and continue on.

Friday, October 13, 2006

studio friday- "fear"

i'm afraid the "idea" in my being that wants expression won't get released......
i'm afraid to hear someone say "that's not good (meaning not quality, boring, amateurish, unimportant, not coherent, missing something...) wow that was great to articulate because i believe those statements are arbitrary and personal!
i'm afraid my ambition is too weak to create a business which generates an income that is reliable.
i'm afraid i can't/won't advocate on behalf of my work...
that's enough-------------
i'm trusting i can be present to experience the above and keep working ....i have faith that i can hold the fears and move forward!!! see more thoughts on fear at studio friday

Thursday, October 12, 2006


back in june, a friend (yes you karen!), mentioned her experience at a pilates session and from what she was saying, i thought it sounded great. i immediately scheduled a session at the instructors home(again all the stars were aligned-it's close and she had one weekly slot open up) and i was hooked. the hour flies by- and after 11 weeks i feel (ever so slightly) a connection to using my abs and strengthening my core. the machines are a blast and add novelty as a factor- i also love the stretching. so, this morning i ran in the studio in flip flops and jean jacket and when i came out, much to my surprise, the snow blanketed the street and was coming down quite heavily. actually, i just heard it is the earliest measurable snowfall on record for chicago!

Monday, October 09, 2006

studio fri-"bulletin board"

i really like looking at the spaces that others create in, this weeks theme(studio fri) of the bulletin board was captivating. a few observations; people can be very organized , the bulletin board can hold inspiration to spark the imagination, some people are very neat -- and the there's my bulletin board. there are layers of images, ideas, articles, photos so deep -many have not seen the light of day for a long while. so, i am thinking that my board is somewhat like the old "junk drawer" and not inspiring as it could be. i just might work on day.

Friday, October 06, 2006

photo fri- "thin"

thin streams of a recent rain....

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

i'm back......

i really like my rhythms when i'm up north. i get up early - read, walk,, canoe, eat....
go into town for coffee... walk, explore, sit and look, canoe, meditate, watch a movie, read, sleep..........get up and do it again. the color change was peak and the weather mild. as i write this memory -it's back to the regular rhythm of my day to day....i am blessed and grateful but i am feeling the stress creeping back in and will be aware of my numbered days - this may inspire me change the priorities or be more conscious of my choices.