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Monday, April 17, 2006

it all happens

i now love mondays..(most often). since i know it all happens- i will focus on the grace happenings . i was moved when i saw this bumper sticker the other day. then shortly after, my friends daughter, while grieving at her loving grandmothers memorial said to me, "shit happens"! i was able to remind her that grace happens too. i am blessed to have celebrated my birthday yesterday with family, good food, great music and love.


At 2:31 PM, Blogger Wenda said...

I like this. It reminds me of another turn of phrase that a friends mother taught me to replace "speak of the devil" when someone being discussed walks into sight. "No," she said, "Speak of an angel and hear the flutter of wings." Grace happens.

I wish you a belated Happy Birthday.


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