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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

santa fe adventure

just returned from a few days in santa fe ...took my mother on the train ride she had wanted for her 80th birthday. it was a wonderful trip when i really put my expectations away. i think i was hoping for some revelatory experience to occur....her and i would exchange some unknown piece of information that would perfectly fill in what we needed from each other for our relationship to be complete. at some point -happily, early on, i settled in and just was present to see all the beauty around me and was simply happy to be with her--just be with her. the area was incredible. the color of the earth, the sky, the mountains!!

the numerous art galleries brought so many well made treasures to one area. i know i have to get back to this area to explore the land- i feel drawn to this location.

not all -but so much of me......(spt)

i am daughter to my mother and mother to my past and future come together.

Monday, March 20, 2006

0-50... how time flies (spt)

no evil

monday choice....what i see, what i say, what i let in. i always have been drawn to these figures. have found them in travels and contemplate their message. so today i am feeling some angst (the usual- worrying about children, money, the world) and i will keep this visual in mind as i begin the day.

Monday, March 13, 2006

life,death, and this dog's face

i am in awe of the happenings in death. i saw this dog as i went to get groceries and his incredible face and peaceful sense was a joy to me. i don't know why -but the happiness that moment brought me was most valuable. last week my friends daughter, who i watched grow up, had her second baby..a baby girl named brynn. joy all around. today another friend spoke of her mother passing last week(today would be her 70th birthday).sorrow all around. our hearts open to joy and sorrow so often-sometimes in the same moment!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

my attention

"Horoscope for: Thursday, March 09, 2006 -
Eileen ,You may have a kinder and gentler way of caring for those you love today as the Cancer Moon encourages you to soften your hard edges. But nurturing someone else also requires tending your own needs. Instead of rushing around trying to be everything to everybody, slow down and be good to yourself. "
i have been aware of the dailey messages that greet me on- line each day--and i must say the advice is usually right on target! today i am happy for the guidance i receive from all over the the most unlikely places, that help me remember my purpose(which for this moment is simply to be me -no more-no less)
i am full of wonder and appreciation for the teachers...and the concepts of CHOICE, MYSTERY and CHANGE.
i am mindful of what gets my attention today.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

saturday check-in

it's been a week of working to accept a lack of energy and letting this be...and not force myself to come out of the cave i seem to have wanted to hide in. what a difference from my earlier attitude of years gone by. so on this sunny day i headed to the kane county flea market, which is held the first weekend of each month. i haven't been there for some time and was happy to see a fair amount of vendors and people(glad i went today- as i hear it may snow tomorrow) my goal was to find the metal pieces that will work with my clay pieces. didn't find much - but there were some great sights. especially this beauty of a mermaid that would be wonderful at our cabin up north. the sign says it's cast iron and old. unfortunately the $295. aked was too steep for the impulse buy. i wrestled for awhile with the voices -one saying"you deserve this mermaid blah blah..." and the other voice yelling "are you crazy .. this is not a priority blah blah". so, i will see if i really am wanting this enough to go back next month and make an offer....if she's still there!
isn't she lovely?